Our Life in Pictures

Here’s what we’ve been up to lately…

Rylan got baptized. Brandon squirmed the whole time and gave quite a show for the rest of the congregation. Oh 2 year olds…


Suki turned 6! She’s getting fat in her old age and almost wasn’t allowed on the last flight we took because she weighed too much!

I set a new 4-mile PR of 28:15 at the Run for Central Park. Thanks double stroller!

We visited my family down in Georgia for a week. Brandon had too much fun riding on the boat & jet ski, playing out in their huge yard, swimming in the pool, and getting lots of attention from his grandparents, uncle and aunt!


Rylan ate real (well if you consider rice cereal real) food for the first time. My big boy!

Hope everyone is having a great time watching the Olympics! I can’t wait for the running to start!



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