Busy Mom’s 3 Minute Make-Up Routine

Busy Moms 3 Minute Make-Up Routine {The Mommy Games}

Mornings can be rough. Actually getting out the door with your hair brushed, lunch boxes packed, and a fully equipped diaper bag, can be borderline impossible at times. The idea of putting on make-up is nearly laughable. ¬†But I’m a firm believer that feeling put together and presentable makes us better moms and women in general. It gives you that extra little boost of confidence to attack the day. And it’s pretty nice not to have to fret going to the grocery store for fear of running into someone you know.

My philosophy is that daytime make-up should be all about looking fresh and natural. Save the dramatics for night time. I prefer to look special at “special” times, rather than the same day in and day out. So my daytime beauty routine is shockingly quick and easy, and will have you feeling ready to start your day in no time. In fact, it will only take you 3 minutes. One major key to making this routine so speedy is in¬†keeping everything you need in a separate make-up bag. That way you aren’t rummaging through all your make-up, and since there are only a few items, it really won’t take up that much space.

Here’s how to do it:

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