Funfetti Muddy Buddies

Funfetti Muddy Buddies.  Fun and perfect for a party! {The Mommy Games}

Although I’m not exactly sure what classifies as a “funfetti” flavor, I sure know that I love it! Maybe it’s the sprinkles that give it that extra sweet and fun punch. Do you remember way back when instead of being in sprinkle form, there were little sprinkle type balls? Those were amazing and I wish would make a reappearance on the boxed cake mix scene. I’m certainly not above busting out some boxed mix to make a quick batch of cupcakes or even a last minute birthday cake. I say, as long as it tastes good, than there’s no matter whether it took me an extra 30 minutes to make or not. Just hide the evidence and no one will be the wiser.

These muddy buddies (or Chex snack mix/puppy chow) are the sweetest, cutest snack around. They would be perfect set out at a party, since it’s easy to make a large bowl full and are so fun for guests to eat. Scatter some extra sprinkles around and I guarantee that bowl will be empty before you even get around to serving cake. I might need to include a warning that they are super sweet – so if you find yourself alone with said huge bowl, try and utilize a  little self control, or you might just find yourself with one heck of a tummy ache (not that I would know from experience…).  The greatest part is that these are ready in no time, with only a little microwaving and stirring involved, so you’ll be party ready in no time.

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