Low & Slow Oven Ribs

Low & Slow Oven Ribs

Please forgive me for the ugly picture. I just had to share these with you because they are awesomely delicious – bad picture be darned! I have a long going love for meat that can be thrown into the oven, forgotten about for a few hours, then popped out right at dinner time. I love the scrumptious smell that fills the house and gives off this impression that I’m working harder in the kitchen than I really am. Really, I’m cruising Gilt and ordering a bunch of cute shoes that I don’t really need, but don’t tell my husband that. These have a sort of sweet and sour Asian style thing going. A really unique, easy, and delicious rib recipe to add to your collection. These would be perfect for football watching!



  1. baachan and gichan says:

    Sounds delicious. We’re having ribs today (before I saw your blog) but will try your ecipe the next time.

  2. Terri Savoury says:

    Just got back from freezing Toronto and went groceries and picked up some ribs… Will try that tomorrow…sounds good!!

  3. I’ll substitute the soy sauce for low sodium and let you know how they taste – they sound yummy and easy!