Peanut Butter Nutella Cookies

I think you just need to read the title to know this cookie is going to be good. It’s like the taste of a peanut butter cookie, but with a much chewier texture, and this delicious chocolaty swirl with a hint of hazelnut. It’s just as familiar as it is different. My husband and I quickly agreed that this was the best peanut butter cookie we have ever had. This is yet another jewel I found on Pinterest, via The Sisters Cafe – go check them out!

I also wanted to send out huge hugs to Jess over at A Lot On Your Plate (who has great tips for improving your life and a fabulous new design to boot!) and Trkingmomoe (who has loads of delicious recipes!) for the awards they gave me. Thanks so much ladies!!


And don’t forget to comment here with your ideas of a 7-30 day fitness/diet challenge to win a sleek kitchen scale!



  1. I’d say put some in the freezer for when I get to NY, BUT I’m trying to stay away from such yummy items. Feed them to Brandon!

  2. Two of my favorite flavors mixed together!

  3. These would make the perfect after school treat for my kiddos!

  4. I’m glad you liked these cookies, Ashley! They are one of my favorite cookies now too. You have a great blog!

  5. Great recipe for school lunches. Also thank you for the shout out.