Veggie & Bacon Breakfast Hash

Every couple of weeks, I will clean out my veggie drawer by either making a fritatta or a hash like this one. They both make for fantastic dinners – quick, easy, warm and filling. And there’s always something fun about having breakfast for dinner. This would, of course, make an amazing breakfast as well (especially if you’ve had a few too many cocktails the night before). And I doubt you would need lunch afterwards! We still (thankfully) have power here in nyc, but the pickins at the grocery store were slim, so this was the perfect meal to use up what we already had on hand. I’m sure a few fellow New Yorkers could benefit from a meal like this. Have a great weekend everyone, and a special good-luck to all the marathoners out there – although I’m still a bit torn as to whether or not the marathon should go on, we will be out cheering!