Baby Things I’ll Miss the Most

Baby Things I'll Miss the Most by The Mommy Games

With Rylan’s first birthday right around the corner (literally, next week!), I’ve been thinking a lot about how much I am going to miss him being my little baby. He will, of course, always be my baby, but as parents soon find out, babies grow up quick. Diaper changes are exchanged for potty training, trips to the mommy-and-me class with trips to school, bottles for cups, onesies for jeans, strollers for scooters, and the list goes on and on. My own mom is very pragmatic about this sort of thing. She took me and my siblings growing up as part of life and that her and my dad had done their job well if we were able to hit these milestones (seriously people, she didn’t even cry when I went to school or got married!). I’ve always considered myself in the same boat, until I actually had kids. Now the idea of taking Rylan for his first haircut practically sends me into hysterics. Guess I got a little of you in my too, Dad.

Having said all that, I will be completely honest that the newborn stage is not exactly my favorite. I like to sleep. I like order and routine. I like not being treated like a cow. I like not feeling like a cow. None of these things really happen when you have a brand new little bitty baby relying on you. It can be overwhelming, and I know that when I was a first time mother, saying I was overwhelmed would have been a major understatement. Although things have been significantly easier the second time around, they were (and are) still very challenging at times. Having a kid isn’t a joke and they sure as heck don’t come with instruction manuals.

As we are approaching Rylan’s birthday, I thought it would be nice to list out some of my most favorite baby things. I’m able to do this now that my little one is almost a year, which means that he sleeps through the night and takes regular naps, is no longer nursing, doesn’t have 20+ diaper changes a day, isn’t spitting up on me 20+ times a day, etc. I’m in that reflective stage where most of the bad seems to somehow become a distant memory. Motherhood isn’t all cuddles and kisses, but sometimes it’s nice to think it is. And since I would like to have another baby someday, a little reminder of sweet babiness couldn’t hurt.

Baby Things I’ll Miss the Most:

  • Baby giggles.
  • Their little warm bodies asleep on your chest.
  • The way their little mouths move and suck on imaginary things when they are sleeping.
  • That ridiculously happy look they get after they’ve had the biggest poop of their life (definitely not missing the diaper change after though).
  • The first time they say “mama” and aren’t just babbling, but looking right at you.
  • First reactions: to food, new toys, the dog, water, their siblings & family, Christmas lights.
  • Chubby little legs.
  • Feeling their fingers wrap around your pinky.
  • Seeing your parents, brother/sister, best friend hold your baby.
  • Their first smile.
  • Seeing your husband hold your newborn for the first time.
  • Seeing your husband in your newborn.
  • When they touch your face with their little hands.
  • Watching them sleep.
  • The softest skin imaginable.
  • The softest hair imaginable.
  • Carrying them next to your heart in the baby carrier.
  • The way they look so small in the crib.
  • The way they smell right after a bath.
  • Little fingers and toes.
  • Watching them smile and coo in their dreams.
  • When they wake-up, and instead of crying, start babbling excitedly to themselves.
  • Being absolutely needed and loved by something so innocent and precious.

If you are in the throws of newborn days, I know how hard it can be, but try and remember and appreciate this time because it really is fleeting. I promise, you will someday make it through the day rested, showered, and wondering how the heck that little person you see running around your house is the same baby you just brought home from the hospital.

What is it that you (will) miss most about having a baby?



  1. I love all of these..I was smiling as I read this post. I have a two month old and I can’t believe its already been that long since we brought him home, feels like yesterday. I love your honesty in this! Being a mom to a newborn isn’t all rainbows and butterflies..sadly nobody tells you that until after :) Im definitely cherishing all of the moments! Heres to hoping time slows down! :)
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    • Nobody tells you the truth about having children because then we would be a dying race! :) It’s easier to cherish the moment the second time around, right, since you know that there is actually an end to all the mayhem at some point. At 2 months, I’m pretty sure I was still hibernating though!

  2. Your father will be in tears when he reads this! Even though I definitely miss those things in my own children, the circle of life comes around where I get to enjoy and experience it again in my grandchildren! Love you all!

  3. I love this post, and it makes me excited to have another baby in the house again hopefully in the somewhat near future. I also really am not a fan of the newborn stage for the same reasons you gave. I had a hard time with all the crying without much reason sometimes. But there are so many cute things to look forward to that make it all worth it. Thanks for posting this! :)
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    • Thanks Holly! I actually really wanted to make this list so that I could pull it out when we are ready to think about our next baby – some inspiration! I hope you do have another little cutie sometime soon! :)

  4. You guessed right. Heck I still remember the day we brought you home from the hospital. But I love playing with Brandon and Rylan and wish I could see them more.

    • Well I am pretty unforgettable. :) We all wish we could see you more to Dad. So glad we have FaceTime!

  5. Thanks for this post Ashley! I loved it! I loved all of the things you listed. I also loved rocking Will to sleep every night. I loved how he would cuddle up next to me in the chair and wrap his little arms around me. Up until a few weeks ago when we moved him into his big boy bed he would let us rock him and cuddle in his chair. Now we just cuddle in his bed :)

    • That’s so sweet Katie! Hopefully we can still get them to cuddle with us when they are teenagers! :)

  6. Hey Ashley! I still check out the blog from time to time – we connected last year.
    This post really got me! Well written and so honest. That’s the best way to write a blog!
    The whole baby stage and the highs and lows of it are so dramatic in their swings. My little guys are just 17 months apart, and I’ve been in the throws of “baby stuff” for what feels like forever. As my youngest rounds the bend to turning 2 (on June 1), I’m finding myself wishing these weeks would slow down.
    Well done, Ashley. You’ve definitely captured what moms remember as ‘the good stuff.’

    • Thanks so much Krista! 17 months apart is hard, mine are 20 and I thought I had it rough! Thanks for your sweet words, we were moving out of the only home the boys have ever known last week so I was feeling especially sappy. :)

  7. An early Happy Birthday to Rylan! Kids really grow up too fast. I do miss my kids when they are still babies too. At the same time, I dislike feeling like a cow as well. hahaha….but then, that was also the sweetest thing as that was a great bonding moment with my kids. 😉
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    • Thanks Amy! It is such a sweet bonding moment – one that I’m sure the boys will never want to hear about once they are old enough to understand! ha! :)