Hot Mama Maternity Workout Wear

I am SO excited about today’s post! My beautiful friend Raven is visiting from her incredible blog, Cheers to New Beginnings!, to talk to us about what she is loving in the world of maternity workout clothes. I love living vicariously through this girl and the amazing adventures her and her husband have been on while living abroad. I can’t wait to hear all about her newest adventure – motherhood! Thanks so much, Raven, for visiting and giving all those pregnant mamas out there some amazing options! — Ashley

Let me begin by thanking the lovely and talented author of The Mommy Games for asking me to write this guest post.  I’m honored and delighted.  I write a blog myself, though quite different from The Mommy Games.  My husband, Jon, and I are currently American expats living in Brussels, Belgium, and I started my blog in 2010 to document our lives and experiences as expats.  Though mostly travel related, of late, the blog has been dotted with a few momma-to-be posts as Jon and I eagerly anticipate the arrival of our first bundle of joy in a few short weeks (August 2nd). Pregnancy definitely has its challenges, and one that tends to present itself most every day is clothing.  Looking presentable, and shall I even say cute – while avoiding looking frumpy and whale-like – on a “reasonable” budget can be mentally daunting.

As a former college athlete and regular at the local gym, I have done my best to maintain some level of fitness throughout my pregnancy through a variety of activities.  The hardest question at times, though, was what to wear!  As the running tights and spinning shorts became uncomfortably tight and the tank tops a bit too short, I turned to the following items, which have been a mainstay in my wardrobe of late:

Hot Mama Maternity Workout Wear

1 – Lululemon racerback tank in normal pre-maternity size but in XL length to cover the growing bump.
2 – Athleta kickbooty capris and/or pants in one size larger than pre-maternity.  These were slightly big in the legs until the bump got a little larger, but a little big can also equal extra comfy.  (Props to my husband for his research and finding these were the “best to grow with” in the Athleta brand – my favorite pre-pregnancy running capris.)
3 – Nike running shorts.  An old standby, I pulled these back out after the bump was big enough that the waistband would sit below the bump.
4 – For Two Fitness maternity racerback tank.  They come printed or plain.
5 & 6 – For Two Fitness maternity capri and perseverance maternity workout pant

While the items above have been excellent for a really good sweat and more strenuous workouts, I’ve also been seen in these more casual items for a lighter workout, prenatal yoga, or out for a walk:

Maternity Lounge Wear

1 – Gap Maternity rib tank
2 – Gap Maternity supersoft leggings
3 – For Two Fitness maternity tee

Similar to the remainder of my maternity wardrobe, several of the items I’ve been wearing at the gym are “make shift” but more than adequate and definitely get the job done.  For actual maternity clothing, I really can’t say enough about For Two Fitness and the comfortableness and functionality of their maternity work out apparel. Their pieces are definitely my favorite.  My advice:  bite the bullet and invest early. You’ll get more use out of them, and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Does anyone else have any top tips or favorite maternity workout apparel? 



  1. No need for this type of clothing in my life, but will file it away for future reference.